The 7 things you need to know for Monday, November 21


Five people were killed in a shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado.


World leaders agreed this weekend to create a historic climate fund.

  • What to know: The deal came out of a U.N. summit in Egypt. It will help developing countries deal with rising temperatures, which are mostly caused by emissions from richer nations.
  • What the deal misses: Any meaningful decision to cut emissions more, which means the world is still on track for catastrophic warming and even worse climate disasters.


Elon Musk restored Donald Trump’s Twitter account on Saturday.

  • Why? The Tesla CEO and Twitter owner ran a poll asking whether people wanted the former president, who was banned after the 2021 Capitol attack, back on the social media site.
  • Why it matters: It could help Trump regain attention as he starts a new presidential election campaign, but he hasn’t tweeted since the account was restored.


Hospitals across the country are overwhelmed.

  • Why? A swarm of respiratory illnesses (RSV, coronavirus and flu), staffing shortages and nursing home closures are combining to strain an already overburdened health-care system.
  • What this means: Patients are waiting hours to be seen, and some hospitals have set up overflow tents and are postponing elective procedures.


Disney made a surprising leadership shake-up.

  • The details: Robert Iger, who was CEO for 15 years until 2020, was reappointed yesterday, replacing Bob Chapek. He’ll serve for two years and choose a successor, the company said.
  • What’s behind this? Chapek’s leadership was controversial, particularly his feud with Florida earlier this year over LGBTQ discussions in the state’s schools.


President Biden turned 80 yesterday.

  • Why this matters: He’s by far the oldest U.S. president and first octogenarian in office. (Next behind him is Ronald Reagan, who left office at 77.)
  • The big picture: Working past 80 is not as rare as it once was. The number of octogenarians in the U.S. workforce has soared over the past few decades as life expectancy has increased.


The U.S. men’s soccer team will have its first World Cup match today.

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